Get Pre Qualified For Mortgage

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A mortgage pre-qualification is an initial evaluation of the credit worthiness of a potential borrower used to determine the estimated mortgage loan amount that the individual could qualify for. Getting pre-qualified is the initial step in the home buying search.

The Skinny on Pre-Qualified. Getting pre-qualified is the initial step in the mortgage process, and it’s generally fairly simple. You supply a bank or lender with your overall financial picture, including your debt, income and assets. After evaluating this information, a lender can give you an idea of the size of the mortgage for which you qualify.

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Start by choosing your preferred mortgage loan term (15-year, 30-year, ARM, etc.) and the associated interest rate that you expect to obtain. Then enter the state in which you are looking to purchase. Finally, you will need to enter the percentage that you plan to put as a down payment.

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5 Things You Need to Be Pre-approved for a Mortgage 1. Proof of Income. 2. Proof of Assets. 3. Good Credit. 4. employment verification. 5. Other Types of Documentation.

Pre Approval Home Loan Estimate A pre-approval involves a more detailed look at your data and is based on a preliminary review of your credit information. It tells a real estate agent and seller that you’ve been preapproved up to a specific loan amount. With a preapproval, there may be a fee for the cost of the credit check.

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Jumbo Cash Out Refinance The VA cash-out refinance program is popular with veterans and active-duty servicemembers who want to tap into their home’s equity and lower their interest rate too. Qualified borrowers can use cash proceeds from their refinance to make home upgrades, pay down high-interest loans and credit cards, take a vacation, or for any other purpose.

How To Get Prequalified For Mortgage – If you are looking for a way to refinance your existing mortgage loan then we can help you find out if you can get a better deal.